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December 17, 2007 by jonaswills
So we finally went ahead and released our game, Electropy.  It's been a long long process but it is so exciting to have created something and to start selling it.  I've been handling a lot of the business aspect, registering the LLC, getting set up with the IRS, figuring out how to do the accounting.  It's a lot of work but I've never had as much fun working 20 hour days.  We entered the IGF student showcase competition back in October and the finalists are released tomorrow,...
November 5, 2007 by jonaswills
I've grown up with cats all my life, I remember the first one we got when I was 3 years old, and just this past week my parents got another one, a wee little kitten they named "leelon" (after wee-one, I don't know how it is spelled). My mom is a crazy cat lady, haha. She opened a yarn store and named it after one of our cats, MewMew. But because he was older and she wanted to take him to the shop with her she got a new one and named it MewMew as well, which she trained to come and go to the s...
October 7, 2007 by jonaswills
Well we did it, we are finally releasing a limited beta of our first game, Electropy. It was a very long night and we learned a lot real fast about creating installation files, saving settings in users' settings and getting pissed at our web hosting for not allowing dmg files to be downloaded(for the Mac version).

Electropy works on Windows and Mac, we haven't tested much on Vista, however, and would really like some feedback there. It uses OpenGL so unless you have OpenGL hardware accelera...
September 9, 2007 by jonaswills
I posted before about the development of our game Electropy here: Link

We just released a gameplay trailer and it's made it's way to the featured media on gametrailers.com and we are all really excited.

So go visit the site and check out the trailer, it's a bit epic but a fun watch and give a good idea to the game! We will have a playable preview demo available next weekend and have been getting a lot of awesome comments on the game.

It is funny though to watch flames come up, haha... ...
September 4, 2007 by jonaswills
Hello everyone!

Just thought I'd like to share a bit about the computer game I'm part of a team working on right now, Electropy.

To sum it up:
Electropy is a side scrolling action arcade title with a fundamental gameplay twist. Rather than directly moving your character, the idea is to grapple on to floating polygons in order to swing your way to the goal. The game features a wide selection of power-ups such as gravity change, invincibility, and flight thrusters to diversify gameplay. Th...
June 7, 2005 by jonaswills
Ok, well I have my new game planned out and have started the long process of actualy making it. Part of the fun is of course showing people your progress and getting feedback always helps.

I guess I will start by explaning what the game is going to be. My plan is to make a side scrolling RPG shooter. I have no clue how the gameplay is going to turn out but I have tons of ideas and I really havn't seen anything like it. The plot is centered around a character concept I have had for awhile ...
April 2, 2005 by jonaswills
Hi... my name is Jonas.